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we're going to tell you about the attack on free speech. i have told you for a while now, it ain't going to come through the fairness doctrine. i found some disturbing things in the last few days. risch limbaugh will join me. don't miss tomorrow night's episode. from new york, good, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ bret: next on "special report" the president decides against the shakeup at the federal reserve. was dick cheney right all along about the value of enhanced interrogation techniques? we will show you the evidence so far. we report. you decide. you haven't heard about a terrorist plot against this country following 9/11. new details tonight. and democrats denounce organized resistance to healthcare reform. wait until you see what's coming this week. all that, plus the all-star panel, right here, right now.
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welcome to washington. i'm bret bret. on a day when a pair of economic forecasts paint a picture of exploding deficits, mounting debt andizing unemployment, america's top banker is getting a vote of confidence. major garrett reports on the p president's decision to keep the head of the federal reserve on the payroll. >> the man next to me, ben bernanke, has led the fed through one of the worst financial crises that this nation and the world has ever faced. >> and so the academic from drill lon, south carolina who previously served as a top economic advisor to president bush before taking the reins at the federal reserve has now received president obama's blessing for a second four-year term. >> presidents are loathe to share political ked its. mr. obama is going to be sharing credit with mr. bernanke for avoiding a second great depression r this does speak well of m obama today. >> in his reconfirmation hearings, senators will question bernanke on using a
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loophole in federal law to expand fed involvement in the economy, and for appearing to heal wall street and big banks faster than main street and credit leveraged consumers. question, but not block. >> we do expect mr. bernanke to be reappointed with some noise. >> thank you, mr. president. >> the white house sprung the bernanke news to overshadowed news of massive leaks of red ink in the federal budget. the ten-year deficit was upped from $7 trillion to $9 trillion. on average, deficits is the difference between spending and revenue each year will average $900 billion for the decade. the public debt, the amount of credit taken out to pay for yearly deficits is projected to hit $17.5 trillion by 2019. in that year alone, interest on the debt will equal $774 billion. the administration blames these bad numbers on the prolonged recession, that and the failure, it says, the bush administration to pay for new programs and war fighting. >> certainly a significant
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chunk of that comes from the things that are getting passed from the bush administration directly, and almost all the rest of it have to do with the deterioration of the economy. >> the administration also argued that higher deficits should not halt its push for up to $1 trillion in healthcare spending. >> the president made cheer from the outset that his healthcare reform ideas are deficit neutral, so the deficit should not be the primary determinate of when you do healthcare reform that's not going to increase the deficits. >> economists say these new deficit numbers are likely to deepen public anxiety about big new federal spending and today the non-partisan congressional budget office said its ten-year projection for federal deficits is $3 trillion higher from the one it put forth in march, and that's without counting any new white house requests for healthcare spending, energy spending or extended unemployment benefits to
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cash-strapped states. bret: consumer confidence rose 14% in july, much higher than expected, with nearly 3% in the second quarter. the first such increase in three years. prices are still down almost 15% from a year ago, though. stocks reacted positively today. the dow was up for the sixth straight session, gaining 30. the s&p 500 picked up 2 1/2. nasdaq rose 6 1/4. we have more on documents released monday detailing information learned on the interrogation of terror suspects. the question -- does the data support dick cheney's position that enhanced techniques were successful? we report. you decide. here is national correspondent catherine herridge. >> these documents produced by c.i.a. analysts in 2004 and 2005 are the same documents former vice president dick cheney wanted declassified this spring, because he said they would justify the agency's controversial program. >> i know specifically of
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reports that i read, that i saw, that lay out what we learned through the interrogation process, and what the consequences were for the country. >> the documents, which describe khalid sheik mohammed or s.r. cr s.m. as one of the government's key sources on al qaeda were also reviewed by president obama who questioned in a primetime news conference in april whether techniques like waterboarding were necessary? >> could we have gotten the same information without reporting to these tactics? awhile there are lots roof redactions, there is no mention of waterboarding or the enhanced interrogation program, they do provide the intelligence gleaned from the high value detainees. k.s.m. is described as one of the pime airy sources of understanding how the 9/11 plot was conceived, and executed. hey gave a rolodex that flushed out our understanding of the activities of important detainees, which, in turn, assisted in debriefings of these individuals, and in what
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is described as a building block process, information from k.s.m. was used to confront other detainees, which provided more intelligence, ultimately leading to the capture of humbali, training cells for u.s. attacks. the c.i.a. inspector general's report, much of which was also declassified monday said k.s.m. provided few intelligence reports prior to the use of the water board and that information was inaccurate or incomplete, and the inspector writes "the information prevented future attacks. " as for the enhanced interrogation tech techniques, measuring the effectiveness is a more subjective process, and not without some concern. some analysts say these documents cannot be assessed in isolation. >> the information that we collected after 9/11 wasn't handed to us on a platter. you have to take specks,
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grains of sand, put them together to form the mosaic that becomes the operational planning thinking of al qaeda. >> in a statement, mr. cheney stood behind the documents, adding that president obama's decision to allow the justice department to investigate and possibly prosecute c.i.a. personnel connected to the program is, quote, a reminder of why so many americans have doubts about this administration's ability to be responsible for our nation's security." the attorney general insists he's only are interested in those who acted outside of the law, and late today, a u.s. intelligence official confirmed to fox that the agency is reviewing the former vice president's request, and there is another document that was not released on monday, and it's currently being reviewed. i'm told it's similar, though, to what has already been released. bret. bret: we will see if we get that one. catherine, is it true this come brie hencive review of the inspector general's report was actually done under the previous administration? >> well, yes, a e view was
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done -- a review was done by prosecutors in virginia and only one case was pursued and it led to the conviction of a c.i.a. contractor for the death of a detainee in afghanistan in 2001. as one official familiar with that review told me, that the information is no different than a year ago, but the administration has changed. grep bret: the man who pulled the trigger on the new administration is eric holder. james ozen reports that it is not the first time that old holder has walked a fine line. >> we would not do anything that would endanger the american people or in some some ways lessen our national security. >> but with his announcement monday that the justice department is investigating whether c.i.a. officers should be prosecuted for their harsh interrogations of terrorists overseas, eric holder has drawn criticism that he may be, indeed, disrupting american counterterrorism efforts. pete hoekstra, the ranking republican on the house intelligence committee -- >> we need a c.i.a. that is
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focused on keeping american troops safe and winning this war, not worried about what politicians and the justice department in washington, d.c. may do to them for doing their job. >> i made mistakes. >> at his confirmation hearings, holder admitted having courted controversy in the past, most notably a deputy attorney general in the last days of the clinton's administration, when holder helped a farce par pardon for marc rich, who donated significant sums to the clinton library r since taking his job at justice, he is applauded as an exceptional manager and has invigorated the civil rights division even while raising eyebrows on his position on race relations. >> i think we continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards. >> but holier's most controversial moves have centered on national security. he is leading president
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obama's drive to close guantanomo bay detention facility by year's end. >> we have many people engaged in this effort. >> many intelligence veterans think the documents should have remained secret and now comes holder's decisions that reverse decisions of the justice department in the past. >> what attorney general holder has done is basically said that i'm not satisfied, but they did their job well. that is actually quite demoralizing to the department many. >> before the man that holder has specially appointed to lead the c.i.a. probe, assistant u.s. attorney john duram, this will be familiar^ . he served the last attorney general in a special investigation of the destruction of c.i.a. videotapes of detainee interrogations. in washington, scaim james rosen, fox news. bret: african-american political figures are telling one prominent black official to quit blaming his problems on race, and democrats hope to reverse their problems on
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bret: democrats unnerved by public resistance to healthcare reform are trying to take back the initiative. they are launching their own series of pro reform events to combat momentum generated by those opposed to a drastic overhaul. carl cameron reports on town halls and the democrats' answer to them. >> the solution proposed by the democrats, in my view, will destroy the quality of healthcare in america. >> with two weeks left in what has been a raucous congressional break of feisty town halls on healthcare reform, former 2008 presidential nominee, john mccain came out >> against the government-run insurance plan. >> a public option, in my view, is the beginning of the end of private health
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insurance in america. >> the trend in polls shows opposition to healthcare reform overtaking support in recent weeks as loud town hall meetings have drown attention to the concerns of the government run program. mccain loves the town hall format. >> no compromises. no compromises! >> hoping to mute that kind of opposition, democrats are launching a counter offensive beginning with a 11-city bus tour including a thousand rallies, speeches and news conferences, anchoring the blitz with events in phoenix, st. louis, des moines, milwaukee, indianapolis, columbus, ohio an pittsburgh, pennsylvania. with the left that roll off the tongue title, health reform now, let's get it done now, amounts to a collaboration among the democratic national committee, pro reform left leaning labor unions, a washington-based network of community groups known as healthcare for america now, or hcan, and the
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2008 obama grassroots network run out of the d.n.c. now known as organizing for america, or o.f.a. >> when healthcare oppositionists captured the attention of officials, democrats announced it as a fraud, not true citizen outrage, not the grassroots but artificial, allegedly manufactured by special interests. house speaker nancy pelosi. >> they are astroturf. you be the judge. >> healthcare opposition was organized but mostly at the local level, not by opponents based in washington. that, however is, exactly what the d.n.c. is now doing with organizing for america, which has staffers in 45 states and an e-mail list of 13 million from last year's presidential campaign. >> and one affiliated group in minnesota called community for change is actually targeting g.o.p. town halls an planning to disrupt them with a direct association to the president. in their e-mail, they white "it is our intention to overwhelm each session with
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reform supporters. there may be an opportunity for people to go on-line and print their own 8 and a 1/2 by 1 sheet for display in the session from" meaning, use the president's signs when you take the outbursts that we were denouncing on the other side just a few days ago. bret: amazing. should be an interesting week, carl. >> should be. >> the head of hillary clinton's presidential campaign has been charged with forging documents, and he gave the forms to citibank to get a $74 million loan. mazahi's lawyer says he is reviewing the allegations. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said today that massive school closings will not stop the spread of h1n1 flu this fall, following monday's grim report that the vie us could cause major problems for this
6:18 pm
country. live at the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta, jonathan has more reaction to that study. good evening. >> good evening, bret. well, people all across government are responding to what some are calling doomsday scenarios. yesterday, the governor's science advisors issued a report indicating as many as 90,000 americans could die from h1n1, and up to 50% of the population could become infected. critical might be the care these individuals received. the report suggested as many as 1.8 million americans would ire hospitalization, with nearly all of the nation's icu beds being used for seriously ill flu patients. c.d.c. officials say the scenario needs to be put in the context of what the government is preparing for, not necessarily what it predicts. >> the advisors came up with estimates that they really thought were for planning purposes, and it is important for us to plan for those types of -- that type of level of
6:19 pm
illness. i will be surprised if it is that bad. >> the government says they are focused on vaccinations in mid october when the first 45 million doses are expected to arrive. testing of the vaccine already underway in adults and children has raised no safety concerns so far, and health officials optimistic that the vaccine will be of effective against h1n1 because the virus has shown no signs of change. while c.d.c. officials believe that mutation is unlikely, they are researching ingredients that can be added to a vaccine to boost its effectiveness, currently in use in vaccines in europe but not currently licensed for use here in america. bret: thank you. is there going to be any money left over for the space program? that's coming up, and terrorists targeting american transportation sites. we'll look at what they wanted to do and why they didn't do
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bret: in news around the world, afghanistan's election commission says president karzai and the top challenger both have around 40% support with around 10% of the votes counted if are last week's election. the u.s. military says four american troops, meantime, were killed in a bomb blast in southern afghanistan. that brings the u.s. death toll this month to 41. output from centrifuges have been stalled in nuclear facilities reportedly is not increasing despite the installation of new devices in recent months. some analysts say that may be a sign that iran's nuclear fuel may be running out. a
6:24 pm
report from the u.n. nuclear agency to its board of governors is expecting in the coming days. iraq's main al qaeda group is claiming responsibility for last week's bombings that left more than 100 people dead. the is hammic state of iraq organization posted its claim on the internet. it said the attack on the finance, foreign and defense ministries in baghdad was meant to wreck what it calls iraq's pro iranian government. monday's release of c.i.a. documents about terror organizations an terror interrogations reveal the type of attacks that were manned in this country after 9/11. correspondent brian wilson reports on what could have happened. >> in 2002, and early 2003, we were still very worried about al qaeda. >> there's no doubt that in 2003, most policy makers, most intelligence officials, most government officials, most members of congress, and the american public believed with a great majority that theres was going to be major attacks occurring within the next 12 months in the united states.
6:25 pm
>> but intelligence officials had no solid information about how, when or where. a big bake thiew came with the capture and interrogation of mastermind khalid sheik mohammed, who had a deep understanding of pending plots. he was interrogated and underwent the controversial technique known as waterboarding 183 times. just released c.i.a. documents show k.s.m. and other operatives he identified provided intelligence officials with a wealth of information. for example, we now know al qaeda wanted to care i out another 9/11 style attack against the tallest building in california, what was then known as the high barry tower. this was a plot to deail trains. there was a man to drop suspension bridges by flipping key cables. al qaeda wanted to recreate the devastation it innexted on new york city in london, with 9/11-style attacks against heathrow airport and the finance financially important canary wave. sources say -- canary wave.
6:26 pm
sources say that this information came result of enhanced interrogation techniques. >> even the cruel ones work very effectively in actually giving us the tell subsequence needed to stop attacks occurring within the u.s. >> exactly how much intelligence came from these enhanced techniques is hard to know. that's because details about intelligence-gathering meghtd odds are still blacked out in these documents. in washington, brian wilson, fox news. bret: two commanders of the pakistani taliban acknowledge that the top leader ma sowd has died from rin juries in a u.s. missile strike, the first such admission since the august 3 attack. they say masoud died this past sunday. new york's governor says no one has his back after sagging popularity after his comments on racism, and we will show
6:27 pm
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>> and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. prominent african-americans and officials in the administration of the first black president are trying to rein in what some are crawling the racial rants of new york democratic governor david paterson. friday the governor blamed his political whoa woes and those
6:31 pm
of duvall patrick on race. quote, we're not in the post racial period. the reality is the next victim on the list, and you can see it coming, is president barack obama. the new york post reports the white house was quick to send a private and pointed message to the governor to keep the president out of paterson's political problems. white house spokesman bill burton said "whether or not race plays into criticism, i don't think it is the case, the president doesn't think it is the case." paterson continued the theme monday saying some people are uncomfortable with too many powerful african-americans, quote, part of what i feel is that one very successful minority is permissible, but when you see too many success stories, then some people get nervous. reverend al sharpton, normally a paftserson ally said the comments are not productive and that an intelligent discussion is needed, and new york city's only black mayor, david dinkins said pat errson,
6:32 pm
quote, should get off the acist thing. p president obama is hitting the links on martha's vinyard. one of his top donors was the head of a bank and center of a u.s. investigation into illegal tax shelters. robert wolf is the president of ib.s. americas, a swiss-owned bank that was caught up last year in a senate probe of financial firms which attempted to shield millions of dollars in offshore accounts from u.s. taxes. last week, u.b.s. announced a settlement with the i.r.s. agreeing to release almost 4,500 client names. also a ib.s. whistleblower was sentenced to 40 months in -- also, a u.b.s. whistleblower was sentenced for shuttling money to offshore accounts. wolf raised a half a million dollars for president barack obama's presidential bid. >> reports say dozens of agencies have been ordered to purge common words and phrases now deemed offensive.
6:33 pm
retired sayings include "whiter than white," "gentleman's agreement, black mark and right hand man," and even master bedroom is problematic, advice issued by the south west regional development agency says "black sheep of the family, black looks an black mark have no link to skin color but potentially serve to reinforce a negative view of all things black." opponents say what is really needed is a bit of common sense. nasa just moments ago scrubbed tonight's scheduled launch of the shuttle discovery. technicians detected a valve problem. this morning he's blastoff was also postponed because of thunderstorms near the kennedy kennedy space center. meanwhile, an advisory group is looking further into the future to give president obama a list of 'em dations for the direction of the space program. crit gutierrez runs through -- correspondent kris gutierrez
6:34 pm
runs through some of the stories. >> in december of 1972, commander james sternen became the last astronaut to walk on the moon. >> that's coming up on 37 years now since we have been back. >> are you surprised it has been that long? >> yes, i am surprised. i am just disappointed. >> in the years following the nasa missions, nasa focused on the shuttle program which included building the international space station. the space shuttle is now scheduled to be retired by the end of next year, leaving many asking the difficult question, what's next? >> it's not easy, because we is budget challenges that we have to fit within. >> wanda austin and nine other aerospace experts were picked by the obama administration to provide the president with options for nasa's future. the panel held public hearings earlier this month to get ideas. >> it does come down to money. everything has a price associated with it, and the committee is looking to provide options that have a very high chance of success, and that will provide the
6:35 pm
nation with some interim opportunities to really be fascinated with what we discover in space. >> options ainge from prolonging the shuttle program to scrapping the budget busting constellation program. constellation is nasa's current plan to build new rockets and a new vehicle to get astronauts back to the moon and eventually mars, but by most accounts that will not haunch unless the obama administration increases nasa's budget by $3 billion to $4 billion a year. >> people say that's a lot of money. why do we need to go back to the moon? it costs us one penny out of every tax dollar that we send to the federal government. that's a pretty strong investment in the future. >> cernan says for the good of this country, nasa needs to get younger jennations interested in space again, a thought echoed by hee roy ciao. >> i was an 8-year-old kid watching the apollo 11 moon
6:36 pm
landing. the space program encourages people to not only go into space but inspires people to dream. >> nasa's dream of a mission to mars could become a reality if the administration agrees. at the johnson space center in houston, kiss gutierrez, fox news. bret: the veterans administration says they received letters by mistake and said the 1,8000 letters were mailed telling veterans they may be eligible for disability benefits because of the condition. the veterans administration says 1,200 people mistakenly received the notices. the democratic president of the massachusetts state senate is reportedly open to giving the democratic governor, duval patrick power to appoint a successor to ted kennedy should that become necessary. it would require a change in a law to kennedy advocated five years ago which took the power away if are then republican
6:37 pm
governor mitt romney. kennedy is pushing for the change saying the state needs two senators in washington. as you know, kennedy is fighting bane cancer. some really troubling ooh numbers about the debt and deficit today and the head of the fed is nominated for another term. we will talk about all the timing and all this with the all-stars next. then . like wood-grilled shrimp with a tangy teriyaki glaze. and after that, you can do it all again. it's endless shrimp. indulge in endless choices of your favorite shrimp dishes. while the shrimp are endless, this offer isn't. come in now for the best value of the year. at red lobster. and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen... so she can watch me cook. you just love the aromas of beef tenderloin... and, ooh, rotisserie chicken.
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6:41 pm
bernanke for a second term comes on the day when the white house boosted the projected ten-year deficit from $7 trillion to $9 trillion. on average, deficits -- that's the difference between spending and revenue each year, will average $900 billion for the decade. we reported a lot of this friday. the public debt, now, that's the amount of credit taken out to pay for the yearly deficits is now projected to hit $17.5 trillion by 2019. in that year alone, interest on the debt will equal $774 billion. hard to get your head around all of this. that's why we have the panel. steve hayes for "the weekly standard". juan williams, news analyst for national public radio and jeff birnbaum of "the washington times". jeff, first of all, this announcement about bernanke comes on the day when this is bad news. timing, coincidence? >> pure coincidence, i'm sure we all agree. i think there's no question
6:42 pm
that the announcement of bernanke, which is good news to the markets, was meant to offset the very bad news of the gigantic deficits. bret: how bad is this news that i just read there? >> well, the simple way to think about it is the largest ever deficit before this year's deficit was a trillion dollars less, and not only what will be this year's deficit but also the projected deficit for next year. its a essentially one and a half trillion dollars this year and next year, and gigantic deficits. it is astounding. i cover budgets for years in congress. ier the day that i heard that the deficit might go to $250 billion. i got a bad feeling in my stomach when that happened. now, i mean, you don't even have a stomach anymore, so bad are these, and this news is very bad for bernanke. you have to be careful what you wish for. he wanted to be nominated again for another four years but he will have to face the
6:43 pm
gigantic task of managing the huge runup in debt, and the inflation that that will probably cause, balancing -- dealing with inflation by raising interest rates and not causing a double dip, a second dip into a recession will be the monumental task he now faces. bret: juan, in washington, ten-year budget projections are usually wildly inaccurate. >> right. bret: so this could be short of what it actually will end up being as far as these projections go. >> yep. bret: from the offices of management and budget to put this out, it is like a car running into a wall. you see the wall down the road but you keep on going. isn't it amazing to think about this as the budget projection for a white house? >> it is. on the other hand, o.m.b. also says they predict that we're going to grow. they think that the recession is going to end shortly, of and therefore, if you have growth, you could, in some ways, you know, produce revenue that would help to -- i don't see
6:44 pm
how we would eliminate it, but diminish it to some extent. that's the optimistic scenario, but it's much more likely here that what you have is escalating deficits over time, and the question is whether or not then you have inflation that comes with it that could, again, prompt someone like bernanke then to say you know what, we have got to do something about interest rates, and we have to raise them from zero and pump them up again to hold inflation in place. that's going to anger a lot of people who are not ben bernanke fans. people on main street in this country who feel he has done a lot for the banks and a lot for wall street. wall street was rejoicing. this he like ben bernanke. he is one of the guys who arguably got us in this mess. bret: do you think that anybody in the white house believes these numbers are unsustainable over the long term? i'm asking juan. from the white house perspective. >> i think that they believe that -- they're still in in this mode when i hear from
6:45 pm
them, they're in the mode that says, look, we got wars under president bush. we had prescription medicaid prescription benefits under bush that drove up the deficit. we've got tax cuts under bush that drove up the deficit, and all of that has contributed and we are now trying to put the brakes on a recession. we had to spend this money. bret: the bush economy becomes the obama economy at some point. >> at a certain point they're going to have to stop pointing to everything and blairming george w. bush. it is sort of laughable at this point, i think. i think one of the ironies given what juan just said, i think in defense, the reupping of bernanke actually means that obama owns this even more. he owns the bailouts in a way that he didn't necessarily before. he owns the recovery. both the stimulus side, which he was going to own no matter what, and the monetary side, which he wasn't necessarily going to own. i think in a sense it makes republican' arguments about the economy a little bit more
6:46 pm
complicated, because i think republicans, even those who were skeptical of bailouts were saying, look, the stimulus isn't the reason that we have had some recovery. it really was the fed. it really was this injection of cash into the economy, and now, by doing that, they will sort of by bank shot at least be giving president obama some credit. bret: the white house came out earlier in the year, and kiss tina roamer among others this a picture of what the economy would look like over the upcoming quarters and now they say it will contract by 2.8%, more than twice what they predicted. er thisser a not predicting well. >> no. so i guess we should be skeptical about these projections in general, but they were wrong on the wrong side. clearly, the economy -- and they now admit it, is a lot worse, and so we should expect that they're seeing the future in with through rose-colored
6:47 pm
glasses and that's a problem. in other words, what we now see as gigantic unmanageable deficits, and by the way, juan, the white house agrees that they're unmanageable. they're trying to reel it back every chance they get. we should expect that those numbers actually will be worse, because the economy is probably not going to rev up enough to pull back those deficits very much so, so we should expect that the president will talk a lot about deficit reduction. the question is, can he actually do anything about it? can he come up with more than just superficial ways of reducing spending? bret: coming up, we will discuss whether the just-released c.i.a. documents vindicate former vice president dick cheney's support for enhanced terrorist wren tear gation techniques. we'll be back after the break. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it?
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>> i have read the documents. the public reports and the public just fictions for these techniques, which is that we got information from these individuals that were subjected to these techniques. it doesn't answer the core question -- which is, could we have gotten that same information without resorting to these techniques? it doesn't answer the broader question, are we safer as a consequence of having used these techniques? bret, well, the documents the president was talking about back in april were the documents requested by former vice president dick cheney. those, at least two of them, were released on monday. vice president cheney released a statement saying "those documents released monday clearly dem state that the individuals subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques gained the bulk of intelligence we gained about al qaeda which prevented
6:52 pm
terrorist attacks" and said that the president looking to prosecute c.i.a. personnel serves as a reminder if any were needed about why so many americans have doubt about this administration's ability to be responsible for our nation's security." what about the cheney documents? we're back with the panel. steve, we'll start with you. we learned tonight that there is at least one more document that has not been released in this series. >> right. there is a -- the document that was released yesterday that describes pivotal information gained from detainees as a result of interrogations is actually dated june 3. the one that cheney requested was dated june 1st. there is, i'm told by an intelligence source, more information in the june 1st one. we don't know whether that happened by accident or whether it was a withholding of information taking place here, but to the broader point, to president obama's point, i think the president was simply misrepresenting what is in the reports not only in the cheney documents but in the inspector general report itself, which was
6:53 pm
supposed to be for the left. the big kahuna, described that way, which will vindicate the last on this issue, and it did precisely the opposite. i think you can daw direct behinds from the enhanced interrogation techniques used to the information they provided, and forgive me, indulge me for reading one of these about alma sheri, the plotter of the u.s.s. cole attack, following the use of eit's, these techniques, he provided information about his most current pational planning as opposed to the historical information he provided before the use of the eit's, so it doesn't get more cheer than that. we can debate the morality and we can't debate any longer about whether this was effective. bret: juan, do you agree? >> no, president obama had it right when he said it doesn't come to the core question. the core question is could we have gotten this information in any other way? yes, under the enhanced interrogation techniques, better called torture, we got
6:54 pm
some information apparently that of of viable and might have led to the prevention of future terrorist attacks, which is all to the good for america's security, but the question is, was that the only way to do it? could it be that these people were reacting to the fact of how long they have been hailed? could we have done it in another way that could have been in comportment with our values as americans, in a way that wouldn't have damaged our reputation? you know, i had a friend write me and said yeah, damage our reputation with a bunch of terrorists, but no, it damaged our reputation with it seems to me as the rest of the world began to look at us in a negative height and did not support us in terms of sending troops to iraq and now afghanistan. bret: juan, did you read the sections in these documents that said these suspected terrorists were unresponsive initially, and then became very forthcoming after these techniques were used, how do you interpret that? >> there is no way but to
6:55 pm
interpret it in that in some cases the use of torture benefitted u.s. intelligence, that in some cases it had the desired impact. as i say, there are larger questions about whether or not we could have got everyone this information otherwise, and now with this new organization that vice president cheney again, said that had been a front to the c.i.a., but the one that president obama has been been putting in place to allow other techniques to be explored. you have people in the white house, national security, f.b.i. and c.i.a. involved, it seems to me you will have the opportunity to find the best techniques that do not require you to, you know, be pulling out people's fingernails. >> i think that the inspector general did fuzz up this issue enough so that it will continue to be debated, though i do agree that it's quite clear that there is a connection between the enhanced interrogation techniques and the vital information that stopped anthrax attacks, bombers across the world and even a possible attack on the brooklyn bridge, among other
6:56 pm
things. i think that cheney really does have a win, finally, here, that the c.i.a. was able to get a lot of information using techniques that are now criticized that saved possibly millions of lives. bret: this is not the end of this one. that's it for this panel. stay tuned. president obama is now apparently losing more support from a one-time very chose ally. . you ust
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
bret: we have talked about the president's approval ratings dropping and how in number of moderate democrats are no longer standing with the administration over health-care reform. now, there is another close obama allied that wants out. -- ally that wants out.

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